Quico Moya

Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing is great.

Boringest keynote ever.

Yesterday’s pro independence demo in Barcelona was impressively crowded, yet so peaceful. Today, by looking at Spanish newspapers, I wonder if it ever happened.

My only wish for next Wednesday is Find My iPhone support for Apple TV’s remote.

I find it so shocking that folks from the USA call themselves “Americans.” So symbolically violent. Good-hearted people from the States should promote a change of habits.

A rough cut of the second edition of Fowler’s Refactoring is available in Safari!

An article about McCain’s passing linked to this video. It’s supposed to put him in a good light, defending his then-rival Obama. But what an insulting “defense”: he denies a woman’s claim that Obama is an Arab, as if being an Arab was an insult.

Edovia’s Screens has been anti-sherlocked. (Via @gruber.)

If I had a nickel for every time I hear illiterate developers saying “depreciated” instead of “deprecated,” I’d be a millionaire, and I’d have to worry that my fortune doesn’t deprecate.

So is Analysis Patterns, which I have just discovered. ❤️

I’ve spent five days thinking of solutions to problems someone else had already solved the right way. Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture is a real goldmine.

His Master’s Feet.

Hey @manton! Is it possible, or will it ever be, to have linked posts à la Daring Fireball in hosted blogs? Thanks!

Apple has a style guide!

I hate CamelCase in UNIX filenames. Cocoa, I’m looking at you!

With the standard toolset, developing for iOS is just slow. Too much ceremony, too long iterations. I realize now, after two months working on a Rails project. We need a Rails of our own.


Testing the handsomize feature of @lucmaal’s new phone.

If it’s private only to me, then it’s public for everyone else. #grammarmatters

There should be a Pulitzer Prize category for birthday presents. Thanks, @fraugusi! ❤️ (“I don’t want to celebrate my birthday this year… I don’t feel like it at all. But please, no surprise parties, ok? They scare me to death. It’s in fact that fear what usually leads me to organize my own party.”)


What I like the most of reading Hebrew books is that you start from the last page, which gives you an immediate feeling of accomplishment. 📚