2018-11-26: Seth Godin’s This Is Marketing is great.

2018-09-12: Boringest keynote ever.

2018-09-12: Yesterday’s pro independence demo in Barcelona was impressively crowded, yet...

2018-09-09: My only wish for next Wednesday is Find My iPhone...

2018-09-07: I find it so shocking that folks from the USA...

2018-08-29: A rough cut of the second edition of Fowler’s Refactoring...

2018-08-26: An article about McCain’s passing linked to this video. It’s...

2018-08-23: Edovia’s Screens has been anti-sherlocked. (Via @gruber.)

2018-08-20: If I had a nickel for every time I hear...

2018-08-03: So is Analysis Patterns, which I have just discovered. ❤️...

2018-08-03: I’ve spent five days thinking of solutions to problems someone...

2018-08-01: His Master’s Feet.

2018-07-25: Hey @manton! Is it possible, or will it ever be,...

2018-07-13: Apple has a style guide!

2018-07-13: I hate CamelCase in UNIX filenames. Cocoa, I’m looking at...

2018-07-10: With the standard toolset, developing for iOS is just slow....



2018-05-29: 🌡💥

2018-05-27: Testing the handsomize feature of @lucmaal’s new phone.

2018-03-12: If it’s private only to me, then it’s public for...


2018-01-26: There should be a Pulitzer Prize category for birthday presents....

2018-01-25: Geldautomat.

2018-01-21: What I like the most of reading Hebrew books is...

2018-01-16: #proselytes

2017-12-30: C/Salitre, 48. #lacasaonvivia

2017-12-24: Fondue III: The Revenge.

2017-12-20: Four. #metapicturesofinstagram

2017-12-14: The patriarch. #humansofalcoi

2017-12-14: Dr. Angela. #humansofberlin

2017-12-14: Italian cook. #humansofberlin

2017-12-12: —Where is this train going? —I don’t know. —Well, how...

2017-12-05: The free-reader problem.

2017-11-30: Dinner with the ladies.

2017-11-30: Glaring omission.

2017-11-21: First-class train travel ain’t for me. Romantic, Hitchcockian visits to...

2017-11-16: You say “Kartoffel” #gershwins

2017-11-13: Ein Proktologe namens Loch. #appropriate

2017-11-03: #llibertatpresospolítics #vergonya


2017-10-13: Fragile with care? Then let’s try without.

2017-09-20: Ozu & Noda.

2017-09-19: Por el amor de Monika.

2017-09-16: Bertín Osborne: “Hombre, ¿quién no ha sido infiel? Claro que...

2017-09-12: Duet.

2017-09-11: 🐰❤️

2017-09-10: House of Cards’ pilot episode. #capra

2017-05-29: improvisational theater. n. when you decide it in the last...

2017-05-28: A semi-annual tradition. #scorsese #thekingofcomedy

2017-04-15: #genekelly



2017-04-14: This must be the most powstańców śląskich of the world....

2017-02-18: Ineffective coffee-to-go.

2017-02-13: Easter Parade (1948).

2017-02-06: Anything but ❤.

2017-01-22: You’ve Got Analogical Mail, with James Stewart in the part...

2017-01-14: When you must, you must!

2017-01-12: Daydreaming.

2017-01-08: #notitle #nofilter

2017-01-05: 🤔

2017-01-05: Here used to live and teach my first and only...

2017-01-04: Fondue.


2016-12-24: Two-face pants. #fashionphotography


2016-12-23: De fàbula.

2016-11-30: CURLS.

2016-10-26: Ante Meridiem Volkspark.

2016-10-23: So cochino. #guarro

2016-10-22: Lösung.

2016-10-14: Into the woods.

2016-09-28: EN/DE/CAsíl·lab

2016-09-22: A drunk man miraculously sleeping on his feet.

2016-09-19: “El marsiano”.

2016-09-18: Pito, pito / gorgorito. #berlinwahl

2016-09-14: I dig the reversed acronym in this season’s HAU’s campaign....

2016-09-13: Not for sissies: the pharmacy of Dr. Rude.

2016-09-09: Nuvis.

2016-09-09: Yin & yang.


2016-09-05: Da! #201617

2016-08-20: Prenzlauer Berg is Berlin’s bohemian district, and it’s all due...

2016-08-19: El senyor i la senyora Colló.

2016-08-18: “Vistelotodo”. (N. del T.)

2016-08-15: A la alcaldía de Berlín se presenta un candidato bastante...

2016-08-14: “I’m hard to get, Geoff. All you have to do...

2016-08-08: Because shit dealers also have one.

2016-08-06: Tot lo bo.

2016-08-05: Sin Gluten Avisar.

2016-08-03: Jean-Luc Gelat. #auteur

2016-08-03: Efemèride.

2016-08-03: Frank-oise Truffaut. #auteur

2016-08-03: “SALES de rebajas.” El bilingüe publicista durmió feliz esa noche....

2016-08-01: Melons amb compte de Facebook.

2016-07-30: I love it when typography reveals the Latin nature (“et”)...

2016-07-29: En el váter de la biblio.

2016-07-28: If it wasn’t for those super useful flags, I would...

2016-07-27: Ya lo tenemos todo listo para la inauguración, excepto el...

2016-07-27: Va, ’nem a escriure “años” en castellà p’a que no...

2016-07-20: “Every 11 minutes, a single falls in love thanks to...

2016-06-27: That must be the sister of Ernst.

2016-06-27: ❤️

2016-06-25: ¡Peligro de descarga eléctrica!

2016-06-18: κάθαρσις.

2016-06-17: So here you are. Back then, I’d have never thought...

2016-06-11: Pelino Rojinski.

2016-06-10: But I still have Shakespeare.

2016-06-10: The sad guru.

2016-06-08: Bullshit & tech. #reading

2016-06-07: [YOUR NAME HERE]

2016-06-07: Amaral.

2016-06-07: Heirs of Hölderlin.

2016-06-05: Worthy of 229 minutes of your day.

2016-05-31: One of the funniest and most useful textbooks I’ve ever...

2016-05-31: This must be that Silicon Allee everybody talks about.

2016-05-29: Heaven’s bouncer may still let you in (provided it was...

2016-05-23: Germany’s Got Talent.

2016-05-13: Release.

2016-05-05: Zu woody Bill.

2016-04-27: “Love is like jazz / You make it up as...

2016-04-23: The other lives of Cole.

2016-04-23: El banco del Pekao, con vistas a la iglesia.

2016-04-23: “L tuy e pur…”

2016-04-23: A garden in the capuccino.

2016-04-22: El cielo sobre el Orín. #tomorrowgram

2016-04-18: Hair t̶r̶a̶n̶s̶plantation.

2016-04-14: Your legs make me dizzy.

2016-04-14: … promising …

2016-04-13: Dead fake crows.

2016-04-11: In my Valencian hometown, folks are unable to pronounce the...

2016-04-11: Esto y aquello.

2016-04-11: Learn English with @el_pais.

2016-04-10: Google Earth in the 80s.

2016-04-03: Au Gœrlitser Parc du Paris.

2016-04-01: “Corrine, Corrina / Where you been so long? / I...

2016-03-26: Un festival de valencians.

2016-03-26: Café gourmand.

2016-03-11: #recollons

2016-03-09: (Some of) My lovely schoolmates and Monsieur Bousquet.

2016-03-08: “What the heck, man”-Ufer.

2016-03-07: Thomas Mann, Fachverkäufer.


2016-03-03: A tombstone shop near to the cemetery.

2016-02-24: Esos investigadores están hechos unos Einsteins.

2016-02-24: El Prinzipito.

2016-02-21: Yesternight. #rosebud #kane #cinema #orsonwelles

2016-02-20: Small-penis-complex-safe.

2016-02-19: No language for old LEDs. #german

2016-02-14: Miguel Bosé + “Bailar Pegados”.

2016-02-13: Dedicado a las relectoras @totoriattack y @fraugusi.

2016-02-03: My favorite neighbor, who won’t leave me alone. #posh #perfectlyposh...

2016-01-25: Dream Team.

2016-01-17: They say it’s my birthday.

2016-01-07: La carta de ajuste.

2016-01-01: Bie Feuer den Auezug.

2015-12-31: “YES I will” specialists.

2015-12-29: There are places only a friend would recommend. @borjatrujillorodriguez

2015-12-29: El corazón que a Triana va.

2015-12-29: “Pringaita” home.

2015-12-29: George Harrison is alive and well and living in Triana....

2015-12-28: A real octogenarian Margesimpson de Triana never says please or...

2015-12-28: Írala.

2015-12-27: Camisería La Española. #conunpar

2015-12-26: Vosté.

2015-12-25: SI NO TE CONOCEN. NO E X I S T...

2015-12-25: Everyone’s tragedy.

2015-12-24: Fondue.


2015-12-24: Soltera.

2015-12-24: A guitar is my God.

2015-12-24: My family and me wish you all a Merry Christmas....

2015-12-24: Capitalize It All, Except china.

2015-12-23: So in: the logo resembles an app icon, and the...

2015-12-22: Some actors were born with an “and” in front them....

2015-12-22: The hipster aesthetic is heavily used in advertising these days....

2015-12-20: UHFO.

2015-12-20: A cartoon gentleman to a cartoon lady: “After you, hon.”...

2015-11-20: I saw her first.

2015-11-08: A street divine.

2015-11-08: The Embassy of Kreuzkölln.

2015-11-07: He took out the stick and they harmoniously joined faces...


2015-11-07: El Fary is the new black.

2015-11-07: The Jewish quarter is also the gay quarter.


2015-11-06: “Each year, the hotels accross [sic] the world unnecessarily place...

2015-11-06: Saufverbot.

2015-11-01: By @clarabeniac or perhaps @guingu.

2015-11-01: By @clarabeniac.

2015-10-28: Bad music.


2015-10-22: The sweet potato that confuses vegetarians.

2015-10-14: Defeat.

2015-10-14: Everyday.


2015-09-04: Here’s looking at you, mailbox.

2015-09-01: Freies-Neukölln-frei.

2015-08-28: Lost peace.

2015-08-25: (F)ire departmen(t): your pain.

2015-08-21: Don’t be primitive.

2015-08-21: 23.

2015-08-16: Deer really do jump high in my homeland.

2015-08-16: They say that we have no idea how to sort...

2015-08-15: ?

2015-08-13: No, gràcies.

2015-08-12: El gran reclam turístic de Millena és un om que...

2015-08-12: Socarraet enyorat.

2015-08-10: La dança is the new hipster.

2015-08-10: “El bosque no deja ver los árboles” #refranero

2015-08-10: Y las tildes diacríticas ni te cuento.

2015-08-06: Fantástico entre los pinos.

2015-08-05: Como el amor.

2015-08-05: Suc de taronja del carrer Taronja: l’original.

2015-08-03: With a twist. #orxata

2015-08-01: A fanboy’s 60th birthday.

2015-07-30: My single-day journal habit dates back to 1988.

2015-07-27: I’ll miss you, Yamaha. My neighbors won’t.

2015-07-26: Un par de bofetadas bien dadas, eso es lo que...

2015-07-24: “Consequently, you are getting to the point and beat your...


2015-07-12: The first LP.

2015-07-07: Lu.

2015-07-04: Hey Siri, sorry to wake you up in the middle...

2015-06-04: Really: I was on my way to the office, distracted,...

2015-05-31: A 32-bar song. A short story. Me.

2015-05-30: Symmetry is beauty. My face is crooked. #nofilter

2015-05-30: A 7-octave jump, I estimate. #bathroomporn

2015-05-25: Some films get younger and prettier as I grow older...

2015-05-11: Lunch with the Arthurssons.

2015-05-09: “Selten” is a cognate of the English word “seldom”, and...

2015-05-07: Today’s issue of the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin profiles NPD’s leader...

2015-05-07: (Re-)Writing a song at my vespertine office.

2015-05-05: A star is born.

2015-05-03: Old favorites.

2015-05-02: Slow day.

2015-05-01: Damen vs. Herren.

2015-04-30: A stamp-less letter addressed to Mr. or Ms. Moya that...

2015-04-29: Doing what I like the least in this world.

2015-04-27: I don’t get why did the video store guy look...

2015-04-26: From afar, this cable looked like a street artist’s small...

2015-04-26: You can judge a book by its retro cover. #oneeuro...

2015-04-26: Tap the like button to turn it into a sugar...

2015-04-25: One Saturday, a few years ago, I woke up so...

2015-04-25: Somebody cares for me.

2015-04-21: My window will face the Glogauer Str. for some days....

2015-04-19: Eva just found out a drawing of Jenri and me...

2015-04-17: Another pick in the same book. WTF.

2015-04-16: Peter Pan’s.

2015-04-13: Guitar picks disappear mysteriously so they can mysteriouslier reappear.

2015-04-12: What would be the point of books and waffles and...

2015-04-11: Where is Bally.

2015-04-11: Camilo José Cela is alive and well and hipster in...

2015-04-07: Artichokes with style.

2015-03-11: Yo también fui a Elektrogesellschaft für Baustrom mbH.

2015-02-24: Vive la résistance.

2015-02-14: Contenti.

2015-01-29: This is how they do things at Google.

2015-01-24: Now we’re thirsty.

2015-01-16: And feelings of guilt? Can they be paid in installments,...

2015-01-03: Karen.

2015-01-01: The Amazing Spider-Man.

2014-12-31: Please retweet.

2014-12-31: Accésit en los Paulo Coelho de 2014.


2014-12-29: These medieval epigrams, found near the archeological site of El...

2014-12-29: “Píllese un pedo” (en nuestro Späti).

2014-12-27: The one on the right looks exactly like my father....

2014-12-22: Amics.

2014-12-22: Will you please stop staring at me?

2014-12-18: My parents have brought me to a jam session in...

2014-12-18: A washing machine.

2014-12-11: Life Itself.

2014-12-08: Stunning translation.

2014-10-19: Germà menor major.


2014-10-18: Kappellbrücke.

2014-10-17: And a charming lady she is. #moya #smith

2014-10-17: Patti and noise.

2014-10-16: Drehorgelhipster.

2014-10-01: Dinner at Eight (1933).

2014-09-28: The sun goes down.

2014-09-28: Diumenge de tardor.

2014-09-27: Jopetchen.

2014-09-26: Fuck you, toilet sticker—we know the theory.

2014-09-26: Els veuràs aquesta nit.

2014-09-16: Larry King presents…

2014-09-08: La llum viu, des de fa prous anys, al pati...

2014-09-07: Too marvelous for words.

2014-08-18: Dilluns.

2014-08-17: El senyor tenia son.

2014-08-09: Drunkyard.

2014-08-09: Empenyoreu el vostre cotxe i canteu el “Cara al sol”....

2014-08-07: Obert tots els dies.

2012-11-21: Los Borgia.

2012-09-02: Desayuno guatemalteco. Tomate Arrocet.

2012-08-28: “Ja sé què tatuar-me.”


2011-11-02: Yellow morning.